Grammys 2021: Top 10 Show Stopping Moments From Awards Night Highlight Reel

It might have been a product of necessity, but Grammys 2021 was a new invention for awards nights – so jaw-dropping, eye-popping, gripping and engrossing was the entire affair.

Harry Styles Eliminated From The Post-Craig James Bond Race

Oh, it’s heart-breaking! Is Harry Styles eliminated from the race to be the next James Bond once Daniel Craig retires post ‘No Time to Die’? Undoubtedly this entire debate of who’ll be the next James Bond post ‘No Time To…

After Jonathan Majors Harry Styles And Lady Gaga To Take Up Marvel Superhero Mantle

Marvel casting rumour mills are running exceptionally high since the weekend with names like Lady Gaga and Harry Styles doing the round

Niall Horan Turns 27! Tracing His Journey From X Factor To One Direction On His Birthday

Niall Horan, an International singer and millennials’ heartthrob, is ringing in his 27th birthday. Are we all that old already? The former X Factor contestant has risen to a global pedestal where his success is only imaginable to many. Let’s…

Dirty Laundry: Lizzo Slept With Harry Styles

Musical sensation, Lizzo, was seen in an interview where she spilled the beans about her relationship with Harry Styles. Check out what she.