Confirmed! Hangover 4 Will Happen

A mix of comedy with realistic scenes and punchlines, as well as the traits of the characters’ personalities are all accountable for the fans’ commotion around ‘The Hangover 4’. The adventures and misadventures of Doug, Alan, Phil, Stu, and Mr…

Vegans Suffer Worse Hangover Symptoms Than Meat Eaters: Study

Vegans are more prone to the effects of hangovers as against their meat-eating counterparts, as revealed by a new study. In a research published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine, Dutch researchers from Utrecht University carried out an experiment on 13 social drinkers, reported New York Post.

Ever tried making a Zombie?

The recipe of a scary Zombie drink need four kinds of rum and a killer hangover cure This cocktail is for you if you like to try out terrifying new drinks that will almost certainly knock you out. The cocktail…

8 Foods That Fix Up A Bad Hangover

Says every tober (sober) lad after a night they don’t remember booking a cab to leave the party, and not realizing that he himself was the host in his own house.