Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Best Thing Each Character Has Done

Brooklyn Nine-Nine revolves around the fictitious 99th precinct of the New York Police Department. The show exhibits

Captain Marvel goes ‘Hit me baby one more time’ for Halloween 2019

Brie Larson chose 90’s iconic look for her Halloween 2019 costume. Oh Brie, how were we supposed to know? That you could also turn back time!

Fans crown Kylie and Miley for setting bold and beautiful Halloween trends

Hollywood was at its best for Halloween 2019. Miley & Kylie took it to a whole new level. Kylie Jenner as Marilyn Monroe was sexier than ever!

Sun takes the Halloween look this year; confirms NASA

A recent photograph by NASA shows the Sun in a terrifying new light, eerily captured looking remarkably like a carved Halloween pumpkin. The Sun is a fatal part of our solar system. It doesn’t need anything more to appear terrifying.…

Ghosthunters to film a 2-hour show at real-life Conjuring house

A team of paranormal investigators from Ghost Hunters are set to visit the real-life house that inspired Conjuring. The Perron family owned the Old Arnold Estate, Rhode Island between 1971-1980. They claim that they were chased by a demonic presence…