Lady Gaga & 9 Other Celebs Who Shared Their Love For ‘Sex Toys’ + Stars With Naughty ‘Sex Secrets’

These celebrities get real about their sexual desires and don’t hide the fact that they have a toy hidden in their underwear drawer just like the rest of us.

John Wick 4 Leaks: Keanu Reeves the Dog Whisperer

He has been seen loving the dogs time and again. Be it in real life or movies, the renowned actor is a wonderful person. He is not only kind and generous but he loves dogs; who knew?!

Halle Berry gets high on hot wings

The Catwoman of Hollywood, Halle Berry, looked ever-so-graceful as she ate buckets of spicy hot wings on First We Feast’s show…

Check out these 9 celebrities who smashed the keto-diet

Yummy cheesy goodness and still a flat tummy! Sounds absolutely divine right?  And this isn’t a myth anymore with keto-diet taking away all the attention. So what does keto-diet mean? “Ketogenic,” or more popularly known as the keto-diet is a…

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