COVID-19: Halle Berry Shares Her Beauty Secrets For Self Quarantine

Staying at home due to coronavirus quarantine is boring but Halle Berry knows how to make her time at home interesting and productive.

After Tom Hanks’ Nick Jonas and Salma Hayek Could be At Coronavirus’ Mercy

Covid19 has shut America down. It is tugging down at world economy charts. Here’s the list of top nine diabetic celebrities (Coronavirus)

No Time To Die — Time’s Up For Gender Stereotypes In James Bond Movies

James Bond used to be a womanizer and Bond Girls were commodities to glamorize the movies, but in No Time To Die, the age-old Ian Fleming concept of Bond Girls is finally being shown the exit door.

10 Celebrities Who Revealed Their Love For Sex Toys

These celebrities get real about their sexual desires and don’t hide the fact that they have a toy hidden in their underwear drawer just like the rest of us.

John Wick 4 Leaks: Keanu Reeves the Dog Whisperer

He has been seen loving the dogs time and again. Be it in real life or movies, the renowned actor is a wonderful person. He is not only kind and generous but he loves dogs; who knew?!

Halle Berry gets high on hot wings

The Catwoman of Hollywood, Halle Berry, looked ever-so-graceful as she ate buckets of spicy hot wings on First We Feast’s show…

Check out these 9 celebrities who smashed the keto-diet

Yummy cheesy goodness and still a flat tummy! Sounds absolutely divine right?  And this isn’t a myth anymore with keto-diet taking away all the attention. So what does keto-diet mean? “Ketogenic,” or more popularly known as the keto-diet is a…

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