Good Tactics For Bad Times — The New Art Of Hiring Smart

Over the years, the art of hiring has undergone many shifts. But none has been as profound as 2020.

The Plight Of American Job Posters Is Similar To Their Indian Counterparts

When job postings fail to get back on track despite mega stimulus packages from governments, economic recovery in the short term won’t be easy and breezy.

The Definition Of Career Success: Material Gains Or Personal Fulfillment?

Despite earning a handsome salary, enjoying power within a company and status in society, many people still feel a nagging discontent.

The 7 Essential — And Often Overlooked Strategies To Recruit The Best Employees

A positive experience in the recruitment process helps you secure the perfect candidate for your vacancy. Whether you are an organization looking for new talent after the pandemic slowdown or a startup aiming at creating or expanding a team, here are the seven stages of recruitment to follow.

Recruiters Should Lead CHROs Through the Post-Covid Landscape

Hiring has begun but companies are crawling back to recovery on a path where uncertainty has left them clueless about future strategies.

Which Jobs Are Durable Enough To Endure This Crisis, And The Next?

With the economy in flux and the job market intensely bleak, young professionals should understand current and future recruitment trends and train for jobs that provide stability and flexibility.

National Education Policy 2020: DKODING The 5+3+3+4 Of India’s Future Workforce

The New Education Policy 2020 (NEP) has taken everyone by a whirlwind. PM Narendra Modi said that the policy will transform India into an education hub. But what changes will it actually bring and how it affects you?

After Workforce Exodus In June, Dubai Witnesses A Lackluster Reopening In July

Images of thousands of migrant workerswalking miles on foot with their children to reach their native India expressed the real plight of the poor. However, little did anyone think about the international migrants- the people who have been working in the Middle East for years and enriching India’s remittance economy.

Pandemic Aftermath: Human Resources Evolution From Where It’s Been To Where It’s Going

he pandemic has brought forth an unprecedented unemployment crisis, consequently putting talent acquisition companies right at the center of all the chaos.