Robert Pattinson’s The Batman Spin-off Will Take On CBS’ Gotham’s Legacy And Joker

The Batman director Matt Reeves’ insight into the Battinson’s Gotham points to a CBS-esque show with a twist

Gotham Season 6 Update While Reeves’ HBO Max Batman Spin-Off Is In Making

Gotham City is coming to HBO Max soon. The authorities have given a big thumbs up for a spinoff of ‘Gotham’ i.e. Matt Reeves’ up and coming ‘The Batman’ which will be set inside the Gotham City Police Department.

With Matt Reeves HBO Spinoff Announcement, Here’s What’s Happening With Gotham Season 6

Is Fox set to bring ‘Gotham’ back for another season?

Robert Pattinson’s Batman’ Movie Is Launching Its Very Own TV Universe: New Series By Matt Reeves In The Works!

Matt Reeves, the filmmaker who is directing the new Batman movie starring Robert Pattinson, has teamed up with HBO Max, to work on a TV series set in the caped crusader’s hometown.

Matt Reeves’ The Batman Spin-Off On HBO Max Is Robert Pattinson’s Worst Nightmare

As a multi-project deal director, Matt Reeves is making a spin-off series for Robert Pattinson’s The Batman which will chronicle the Gotham City Police Department on HBO Max

From Bruce To Batman: Gotham Season 6 In The Works

Ever since Gotham, the origin story of DC’s Batman saga came to an end last year, fans have been wondering about the possibility of renewal. Gotham, produced by Warner Bros. Television, is a dark but gripping story that brings the…

Robert Pattinson’s Batman 2021 Heavily Inspired By HBO’s Gotham

Matt Reeves’ Batman 2021 starring Robert Pattinson is antagonist heavy but that isn’t necessarily a problem, because the idea comes …