Game Of Thrones Characters Are Filling In The Top Ranks Of Avengers

The conquerors of Westeros have decided to leave behind their world and join the MCU Game of Thrones has ruled the Tv series world from its first premiere in April 2011 to its last in May 2019. Though the last…

GoT’s House Of The Dragon Brings In New Bidders For The Iron Throne

House of the Dragon: The Ruthless Dance Of The Dragon Will Commence For The Iron Throne As the enthralling series of Game of Thrones wrapped up with an uneasy conclusion in the year 2019, months after, a spin-off was announced.…

Watch Out! Game Of Thrones’ Jaime Lannister Inspires Stranger Season 2

Game of Thrones gave Jaime Lannister one heck of a character arc, and it seems like makers of The Stranger were taking notes.

Sapkowski’s Overconfidence Will Cause The Witcher To Fail

The author of the fantasy series that ‘The Witcher’ is based on, went overboard when he claimed the series could be bigger than GOT…

Khaleesi’s ‘Me Too’ story makes us rethink our love for on-screen nudity

From a no-name actress, Emilia Clarke took the ladder to become a household name… But the success came with a shocking ‘me too’ story

Emilia Clarke and Rose Leslie robbed by monkeys during their trip to India

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DKODING Lesser known facts about Peter Dinklage

A leading man with strength, vulnerability, and a cartoonishly thick head of hair, Peter Dinklage has delivered a slew of

Guess what is the GOT mega star Sophie Turner playing in her next film

Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner has said she’s “so down” to play Boy George in an upcoming biopic.

GOT star Peter Dinklage to co-star with Rosamund Pike in “I Care a Lot”

Actor Peter Dinklage is in negotiations to co-star with Rosamund Pike in thriller, ‘I Care a Lot’. The movie will be directed by J Blakeson.

Kit Harington checked into Wellness Retreat before GOT finale

The Game of Thrones star is taking time to resolve some ‘personal issues’ Kit Harington’s representative made the announcement on Tuesday. According to Harington’s rep, the actor is staying at a wellness retreat to work on personal issues. “Kit has…