Facebook’s new tool lets you move your pictures to Google Photos

Facebook has launched a new data portability tool that allows you to move your data between services. In its official blog, Facebook notes that the first tool from its Data Transfer Project is a photo transfer tool that will allow Facebook users to transfer their photos and videos on the platform directly to other services.

‘Memories’ is Google Photos’ new stories-style feature

Google Photos app has been updated with a new feature that brings up your favourite photos in the popular social media-style stories format. Called Memories, the feature shows photos from your past which are presented privately, Engadget reports.

Google Photos will let you manually tag people if it fails to recognise

You will be able to soon manually face tag in Google Photos thanks to an upcoming feature. In a direct feedback session on Twitter, Google Photos product lead David Lieb confirmed that the new feature to manually tag a face is on the roadmap, Android Police reports.