Sheldon’s Big Bang Germ Theory Reboots The Series For Season 13

Sheldon cooper is coming up with the revised edition of The Big Bang Germ Theory on season 13 after Coronavirus scare gets cooled down. Sheldon Cooper was prepared for Coronavirus long before humanity expected it.The Big Bang Theory is now…

Ola Joins India’s COVID-19 Combat — CONNECTS Vital Supply Chains In Real-Time

India’s leading indigenous cab aggregator Ola’s CONNECTS platform offers crucial technological capability to state governments’ effort to ensure infection-free supply chains of essentials during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Google Pledges $800+ Million To Support Brutal Covid-19 Pandemic Crises

Google has announced $800+ Million to support global ‘Covid-19 Pandemic’ crises and a fund of $340 Million in the form of free ads for small businesses (SMBs)

Need Authentic Info On Coronavirus — Visit Google Covid-19 Website Only

Google’s new website on Coronavirus offers information about the pandemic, prevention measures as well as local resources.  Read on… As Coronavirus has become its biggest search topic by a country, Google has recently launched a new website that is dedicated to the…