Goldman To Citi: Are Big US Banks Really Going Green, Or Merely Making Headlines?

In keeping with the goals of the Paris Agreement, six of America’s biggest banks have embraced net-zero commitments for their lending portfolios.

Climate Change: Why Global Warming Feels More Like An Ice Age

When the biggest global concern with Climate Change is the gradual warming of Earth’s surface, why are winters getting colder every year and freezing thousands to death?

COVID-19 Is Just A Glimpse Of Impending Natural Catastrophes

While the talks surrounding global warming have often been limited to debates, the COVID-19 pandemic may just turn out to be the perfect alarm to evoke actions for climate change.

First of Many: Iceland holds a funeral for melted glacier

Everybody in Iceland is devastated since one of their glaciers disappeared due to the massive exploitation of Earth.

A submarine solution to the lost polar icecaps?

This proposed submarine will make ice inside the ocean, but scientists still think this is not enough to clean the doings of humans.

Greenland Mega Meltdown: Bad news for everybody on the planet?

The fire on Greenland has shown some terrifying outcomes with the scientist have recorded 12.5 billion tons of ice has melted in 24 hours.

Poisonous cloud trails may soon become a bigger threat than CO2

The chemtrails and its effects on climate have been a matter of concern for decades, things are

Only one in eight of world’s most polluting companies on track for climate goals

Only one in eight of the world’s most-polluting companies are on track to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions in line with global temperature goals, a study funded by investors with $14 trillion under management found on Wednesday.

80 million jobs will be lost by 2030 due to heat stress

Impact of climate change will affect global work productivity, as per an International Labour Organization (ILO) report. Due to climate change, there will be a productivity loss of 2.2 percent of total working hours around the world by 2030. The…

Marine creatures impacted most by global warming, reveals study

A recent study reveals the impact of global warming on marine creatures Global Warming has made more than a twice ocean dwellers disappear in comparison to land dwellers from their habitats according to a recent study. Human communities that rely…