Coforge Earns Global Elite Distinction in the Pega Partners Program

Coforge Limited (NSE: COFORGE), a global digital services and solutions provider, that leverages emerging technologies and deep domain expertise to deliver real-world business impact for its clients announced that it has earned the Global Elite distinction in the new Pega Partners…

Baywatch Star Donna D’Errico Wears Nothing, But Red Paint

Donna D’Errico completely covered herself in red paint for a good cause. She played the iconic character of Donna Marco in the very famous TV

Dirty Laundry: Lizzo Slept With Harry Styles

Musical sensation, Lizzo, was seen in an interview where she spilled the beans about her relationship with Harry Styles. Check out what she.

Luxury Sector Takes Care of Coronavirus Hit China

The outbreak of Coronavirus has put China in the intensive care of global luxury retailers.   The outbreak of Coronavirus has hit the world. And now it has a name, the unknown virus from the Corona family is now dubbed,…

Did ‘Yoko’ play a part in breaking up the ‘World’s Most Iconic Beatles’?

Yoko Beatles Breakup : Peter Jackson’s Beatles film will reveal through the ‘Let it Be 55-hour unseen footage’ and let the viewer understand the reasons why the world’s most favourite boy band split. Peter Jackson’s Beatles film on Let it…

Alaskan summer meltdown: All the sea ice is gone

The above-average temperatures have led to Alaskan sea ice meltdown. This is caused by the rate of global warming and pollution has led to a complete waste away of Alaskan ice. A historic July heat wave led to the vanishing…

Enemy at the Gates: Signs that prove Recession is Real

Financial institutions are careful in uttering the word, but the dire state of things in India is becoming clearer with each day – sectors losing money, defaulting corporations, struggling RBI and drowning markets – Recession isn’t coming, its already here.

Snapchat employees accused of spying user data

Two former workers of Snap Company spoke to Motherboard about the Snapchat employees using internal tools — which offer them privileged access to user data — to spy on people’s pages.

Who’ll succeed the King?: Buffet’s big hint

At the latest shareholder meeting of Berkshire Hathaway, Buffet took on the question of his successor, dropping discreet hints.

Kim to meet Putin in Russia

Kim-Putin to meet in Russia in late April North Korean leader Kim Jong-un will travel to Russia for a meeting with President Vladimir Putin later this month. “Vladimir Putin will meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Chairman of the…