Are We In A Recession? How To Prepare For The Ominous Future

Tech layoffs, record high inflation, energy crisis, increasing interest rates and collapsing governments—the global economy is shook. One question that appears to be on everybody’s mind, — ‘are we in a recession or not yet?”  Given the series of events…

The Political Oddcouple: The Unsual Friendship Of Two Of The Most Different Leaders

Dear Barack: The Extraordinary Partnership of Barack Obama and Angela Merkel

Key Takeaways From Biden’s Global Debut, Starring Macron And Merkel

President Joe Biden presented the “America Is Back” narrative at the Munich Security Council 2021, plans to improve Trans-Atlantic ties and work closely with US allies.

Amazon’s Alabama Workers Are Out To Reshape E-Commerce Work Culture

With Amazon Alabama Workers going to historic Union Vote, to achieve the first-ever Unionization in the US, the road to Unionization in the US suddenly seems not far off.

Germany’s Good Deeds Go Unnoticed Amid EU’s Corona Bonds Arguments

In this time of crisis, German hospitals come to the rescue of patients from Italy and France. Germany’s surplus of critical hospital beds…

Trump, Modi, Trudeau, Merkel And Conte: Four Different Gameplans And One Desperate Cry For Help

Trump’s ‘game-changer’ medicine and Modi’s ‘janta curfew,’ Merkel’s admission, Trudeau’s work from home, and Conte’s cry for help… here’s what the heads of crisis-hit states have said about the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

Thousands Of Supernovae At Milky Way’s Center, Evidence Confirms

An observation of the Milky Way Galaxy done by European Southern Observatory (ESO) using Very Large Telescope (VLT) has found the evidence of a burst star formation which led to over hundred thousands of supernova explosions in the central part of the galaxy.

India and Germany sign major sustainable development and climate protection pact

India and Germany intend to “work very closely” on sustainable development and climate protection, said Chancellor Angela Merkel here on Friday.

Angela Merkel India visit: India and Germany to sign 20 pacts

India and Germany are expected to sign nearly 20 agreements during German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s upcoming visit, sources told ANI on Wednesday.

Policymakers must undo trade barriers to revive global growth: IMF

With the global economy in a synchronised slowdown amid growth forecast for 2019 to 3 per cent — its slowest pace since the 2008 global financial crisis — the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has urged policymakers must undo the trade barriers put in place with durable agreements, rein in geopolitical tensions and reduce domestic policy uncertainty.