George Clooney Takes A Hilarious Dig At Ben Affleck For Ruining The Batman Franchise

George Clooney is another Hollywood superstar who has played Batman on-screen. In the mid-1990s, he starred in ‘Batman & Robin’, widely considered to be the worst Batman film to ever exist. He recently took a dig at Ben Affleck for…

Why Is George Clooney Unable To Leave Brie Larson Alone

George Clooney and Brie Larson shot a commercial in Madrid, Spain and were captured spending some good time with each other. As per some reports, they were flirting with each other as  Brie was smitten with George’s charms. George Clooney…

The PWI Next Gen Woman Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards 2020-21

33 CEOs and Entrepreneurs —helming the fastest growing, most resilient businesses in 2020 — challenging the status quo and reshaping it, head-on.

Georgina Gooley Wins The PWI Next Gen Woman Entrepreneur Of The Year Award 2020-21

Georgina Gooley disrupted the razor industry in 2017 by building a first of its kind women-first razor company when she co-founded the female-first brand Billie.