Iran-Saudi Bilateral Talks: Biden’s Other Headache In The Middle-East

Saudi Arabia and Iran have seen years of Proxy Wars against each other in the Middle East but things have started to de-escalate as the archnemeses hold ‘secret’ bilateral talks but the US feels overlooked.

The Sheikhs Are Shaking Up Gulf’s Labor Economy For The Post-Pandemic World Order

In recent years, Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) – The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), the United Arab Emirates UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain – have been focusing on ensuring that their economies are not solely oil driven.

How The Pandemic Tampered The Saudi-UAE Post-Oil Economy Vision

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown its impact on the global economy, and has also had an effect on the Saudi-UAE Economy, and there has been an emphasis on moving away from oil.

Beyond Remittance And Oil: The New Reality Of India’s Gulf Ties

India received a whopping $83 billion worth of remittances, the bulk of these remittances were from the Gulf. Pre-Covid, there were about 8-10 million Indians in the GCC The largest population of Indian in the GCC is in the UAE followed by Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia says no to war with Iran, but ready to respond strongly

Saudi Arabia says does not want war with Iran but ready to respond strongly Amid the ongoing tensions with Iran, intensified after last week’s attacks on Saudi oil tankers, the Foreign Ministry of Saudi Arabia said on Sunday that the…