Gaming Mode On: Most Anticipated Video Games Of 2020

Here are the most anticipated games of 2020 to help you with the quarantine blues Bored with the current stock of games on your console? Fret not, you have arrived at the right spot. We all are spoilt for choice,…

Quarantined Gamers: From Playing For Fun To Playing For The Greater Good

From lowering the stress level to help the ones in distress, e-sport players in India are using the quarantine Gaming boom for various reasons This lockdown, everyone is a gamer. And why not? If you are a gamer, it is…

Ludo: The Undisputed King of Quarantine Board Games

Just One More Game? During the Coronavirus quarantine, good old Ludo has emerged as the undisputed king of virtual games in India Be it 80’s, 90’s or 2020, playing Ludo has no substitute. The game cuts across the age bar…

Amusement Park or Astronomical Experience: What’s your game?

With the biggest virtual reality Astronomical concert by Travis Scott — Fortnite is setting a new tone for E-sport lovers

Travis Scott’s ‘Astronomical’ Fortnite Collaboration Is The New Definition Of Marketing Innovation

Fortnite and Travis Scott’s ‘Astronomical’ concert collaboration has redefined ‘interaction’ in a socially distant world What else are we going to lose in a post-pandemic world? The Coronavirus has slain every entertainment event from Wimbledon, FIFA and Olympics to even…

The Rise of Cloud Services in India: Battling Giants, Microsoft–Jio vs Airtel–Google vs Amazon vs IBM

Coming times are of cloud service wars in India, with new partnerships between Microsoft-Jio, Airtel-Google competing with existing providers.

Batman Costume Codes: This Isn’t Robert Pattinson’s Ultimate Batsuit

Director Matt Reeves gave fans a glimpse of Robert Pattinson’s Batsuit that draws inspiration from DCEU’s games and comics.   Heads Up The Arkham Knight Game Influence The New Bat Symbol Miller’s ‘Year One’ Comic clue Until and unless you’re…

Arcane Release And Riot’s Mega-Plan For League Of Legends Cinematic Universe

Till now the League of Legends’ ocean of content has not materialized into any TV or movies, but with the late 2020 release of Arcane, that’s all set to change.

Death Stranding splits critics: A masterpiece or a demanding journey?

Death Stranding reviews are here and they have left fans confused. Despite a descriptive trailer, it is unclear what Hideo Kojima’s game is…

PS4, Xbox and Switch inside: The Big O RIG IN focus

Origin PC, the well-known maker of custom gaming rigs, celebrated its 10th birthday with a bang. The company put out an