OTT Gaming? Netflix Gears Up To Disrupt The Video Game Industry

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FIFA 21 To DOTA 2: Top 5 PS, Xbox And PC Video Games For New Players In 2021

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FIFA Ultimate Team — Is EA Turning Kids Into Potential Gambling Addicts?

Undoubtedly regarded as one of the video gaming giants, things haven’t been looking good for the EA team lately after two lawsuits were filed in France against its FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) game mode for promoting ‘unethical gambling’.

Arcane Release And Riot’s Mega-Plan For League Of Legends Cinematic Universe

Till now the League of Legends’ ocean of content has not materialized into any TV or movies, but with the late 2020 release of Arcane, that’s all set to change.

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Cyberpunk 2077 might be the greatest game ever

A dystopian city in the future, a completely customizable cyborg character, full frontal nudity, a story with multiple endings… and Keanu Reeves.

God of War: Best game at Bafta game Awards

Action-adventure video game God of War took home 5 awards at the Bafta game Awards 2019 The British Academy of film and Television Arts (Bafta) game Awards 2019 was hosted by O’Briain at London’s Queen Elizabeth Hall. The Bafta game…