How To Play Andar Bahar?

Andar Bahar, also known as Katti is a card game of Indian origin. Although Andar Bahar has an Indian origin what cannot be disregarded is the popularity that the game is gaining amongst Westerners and that is why this game can be found…

Entertainment In Gaming Films, Is The Reality Different Than What You See In The Movies?

Gaming films make for great entertainment. Whether it’s a film about a casino heist like the Ocean’s 11 or a MI6 spy gambling in a casino as part of his mission, they never fail to entertain us.  The casino scenes…

No Need For Cash Anymore, Use Paytm And Enjoy Your Entertainment From Gaming

E-wallets have become the most preferred payment option when it comes to online games. These wallets have evolved with time. One of the most popular digital payment methods is PayTM. Not only does it offer online payments using UPI, but…

Fun Activities To Do On A Video Chat

Playing silly games like Guess Who?, Dumb Charades, and Would You Rather? can be entertaining while video chatting. These kinds of games are ideal for people with diverse personalities who enjoy playing a variety of games together. You can do…

How To Get Better At Casino Games, And Have Fun Doing It

It can seem like a strange notion to prioritise having fun with casino gaming over winning big and making a profit. The trouble is that the latter can often result in online users pushing too hard and losing too much…

OTT Gaming? Netflix Gears Up To Disrupt The Video Game Industry

Evidence shows that Netflix might be wading into the sea of video games as soon as 2022. How could that change the game?

FIFA 21 To DOTA 2: Top 5 PS, Xbox And PC Video Games For New Players In 2021

Since the lockdown, the gaming and e-sports industry has grown by leaps and bounds. The trend is set to continue into 2021.

FIFA Ultimate Team — Is EA Turning Kids Into Potential Gambling Addicts?

Undoubtedly regarded as one of the video gaming giants, things haven’t been looking good for the EA team lately after two lawsuits were filed in France against its FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) game mode for promoting ‘unethical gambling’.

Arcane Release And Riot’s Mega-Plan For League Of Legends Cinematic Universe

Till now the League of Legends’ ocean of content has not materialized into any TV or movies, but with the late 2020 release of Arcane, that’s all set to change.

Death Stranding splits critics: A masterpiece or a demanding journey?

Death Stranding reviews are here and they have left fans confused. Despite a descriptive trailer, it is unclear what Hideo Kojima’s game is…