Westworld Has Become A Crossover World: From Game Of Thrones To Person Of Interest And Now Breaking Bad

Trending HBO show, ‘Westworld’, has become all about crossovers and there’s no stopping it. What started with ‘Breaking Bad’, continued

First Game Of Thrones, Then Breaking Bad And Now Person Of Interest – Westworld Has Become All About Crossovers

First Breaking Bad, then Game of Thrones, and now Person of Interest, Westworld has nothing more to offer than crossovers, references, and copied concepts. References are good, as they take the audience back to some of their favorite cinematic moments…

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The Biggest Face-Off Of The 21st Century: Breaking Bad Vs Game Of Thrones

Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad are the greatest TV shows ever made. There cannot be any question in that. Standing victorious in a league of their own, no other TV show has even tried to attain the level of excellence they…

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