We Are ‘Dumber By 25 Percent’ In The Digital Era, Study Finds

Research shows students who use longhand remember more and have a deeper understanding of the material. Taking Notes on Laptops Reduces Brain Power By 25%, Hinders Learning.

How Bad Is Your Child’s Smartphone Addiction?

Love them or hate them, smartphones have become omnipresent. While they have many positive uses, people remain concerned about the potential negative harms of excessively using them – especially in children and teens.

Wearables 2021 — 11 Best Smartwatches To Buy For Fitness And Work

Buying your first smartwatch? Or is it time to replace the current one? Here’s a list of the best smartwatches on the market that you can sport in 2021.

Google Pixel 3a leaks in faint lavender colour

Google Pixel 3a leaks in faint lavender colour Ahead of the official unveiling at the Google I/O 2019, the Pixel 3a continues to show up in leaks. In the latest, a somewhat purple coloured variant of the mid-range smartphone has…

Galaxy Fold teardown pulled by iFixit on Samsung’s request

iFixit removes Galaxy Fold teardown on Samsung’s request In just a day of publishing, repair firm iFixit removed its teardown of Samsung’s first foldable smartphone, Galaxy Fold, on the company’s request. On its official blog, iFixit explained that the Samsung…

Google working on a new game streaming service

Google patent hints at controller for its upcoming game streaming service Google is known to be working on a game streaming service, dubbed Project Stream. Now, it seems there is some indication to the first hardware supporting the service. A…