Fuel Prices Are At An All-Time High-What Can You Do To Save On Fuel Costs

It’s no secret that fuel prices are at an all-time high. Some people have taken this as an opportunity to buy a new car with better gas mileage, but for those still driving our old cars, it can be frustrating…

Surjewala blames BJP for surge in fuel prices

Congress party spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala on Monday attacked the BJP led Central government for the surge in prices of petrol and diesel

Budget tax revision followed by surge of ₹ 2 in fuel price

Fuel prices were revised across the country on Saturday, a day after the announcement of additional excise duty and cess of Re 1 per litre on petrol

Jet fuel prices highest since November: IATA

Jet fuel prices reach USD 85, highest level since November: IATA Jet fuel prices have reached nearly 85 dollars per barrel — the highest level since November 2018 — mainly due to the US decision to end sanction waivers on…