Everything You Need To Know About Anatomy of A Scandal: Release Date Update And More

The OTT giant Netflix has given us a peek inside the long-awaited drama series, ‘Anatomy of A Scandal’, the British courtroom thriller starring Sienna Miller and Rupert Friend that is all about power, privilege and various scandals within the elite…

How Facebook And Twitter Legitimized Trump’s Absurd Conspiracy Theory

In avoiding a misleading New York Post story, Facebook and Twitter promote falsities about Biden. In a bid to address growing criticism over the role of social media in spreading misinformation, Facebook and Twitter on Wednesday prevented users from sharing…

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Trump Loses Patience With Endless Pandemic Talk

USA saw a record one day rise of more than 75,000 cases on July 17. Asked about this, Trump shrugged and attributed the high numbers to increased nation-wide testing. Trump claimed that the scale of testing outmatched any other nation, and that the USA was the ‘envy’ of the world.

Donald Trump Vs Fake News Media: Playing The Trump Card Wrong

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