Paytm’s Tussle With Google In India Mirrors Fortnite’s Legal Battle With Apple In The US

When Google moved to ban Paytm from its app store for 8 long hours, the bosses surely would have anticipated the controversy that was to follow.

Fortnite’s New Patch Update Promises Avengers-Like Superpowers To Players

In the new Fortnite 13.20 patch update, developers Epic Games have upped the excitement by adding Captain America’s skin customization. As interesting as it is intriguing we’ll know on July 4 Released in 2017, Fortnite is a Co-Op RPG action…

Amusement Park or Astronomical Experience: What’s your game?

With the biggest virtual reality Astronomical concert by Travis Scott — Fortnite is setting a new tone for E-sport lovers

Fortnite Players Brace To Race For Travis Scott’s Astronomical Concert

Travis Scott’s Astronomical concert is “a one of a kind musical journey” from the developers Epic Games.

Fortnite ends in a Big Bang: When will it be back?

Fortnite closed the doors to Season 10 in quite an interesting way: by means of a big bang. The whole game collapsed on Sunday and all…

A video game can get you $30 million

Dota 2 tournament The International 2019 surpasses $30 million prize pool, topping Fortnite