Startups To Big Brands, Here’s Why Vegan Products Are Thriving In India

Trends show people are becoming more receptive to Vegan and Plant-based food products globally inducing a series of Vegan Startups in India as well. But will Veganism find takers in India?

14 Foods That Work Like Natural Viagra

In case you are ever having trouble in the bedroom, or you are just looking to improve your sex life these foods function as an aphrodisiac

India mulls granting food surplus to ‘Deserving’ nations even as 19 Crore go hungry at home

It’s a tale of two reports: India ranks 102nd in Global Hunger Index, yet Government wants to send surplus food from overflowing granaries to ‘more deserving’ countries while millions go hungry at home.

Solein: The future of Humanity’s nutrition needs

Finnish FMCG firm Solar Foods is in the process of bringing to market a new protein powder called Solein. Food can come out of thin air… literally! With key ingredients being CO₂, water and electricity; Solein is a high-protein, flour-like…

Aphrodisiacs for a bouncy pair of peaches

Ladies! Did you know that certain foods can help you get a rounder, fuller, and firm bouncy peaches?

India’s first garbage-pay restaurant opens in Chhattisgarh

Taking a path-breaking a step towards recycling plastic garbage, the Chhattisgarh Municipal Corporation

How far can you go for Chicken Biryani? To a Prison?

Food connoisseurs can go to any extent to have their favourite dishes – to the most bizarre of eateries. Well having Chicken Biryani at this Prison in Kerala tops it all.

10 Bizarre Foods in the World for Daredevil Connoisseurs

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5 seeds you should add to your diet

Don’t go by their size! Sometimes tiny is good… *winks* “Eating” every foodie’s ‘most used’ word and every synonym around it. But 21st Century dieting style has seen a lot and now there are pills available in form of food…

Banana leaves to be used as plastic bags in Asian supermarkets

Asia supermarkets using banana leaves instead of plastic bags Supermarkets in Vietnam and Thailand have joined a campaign to use non-plastic products to wrap vegetables in a bid to protect the environment. As we all know, Plastics are harmful to…