Citibank’s Half-a-Billion Dollar Transfer Mistake Has Unnerved Markets: Here’s Why

The Citibank loses ground when the US District Court decided against the case to recover the $500 million mistaken bank transfer, in what has been dubbed as the rarest blunders in banking history.

Great Depression 2.0 — Coronavirus-Induced Recession Starts Today

Global economy is plunging into unchartered waters. Nations are headed into an economic recession due to the Coronavirus epidemic

₹ 700 billion and counting: RBI struggles to revive sluggish economy

RBI’s ₹ 700 bn cash infusion in April was unable to revive the economy, further efforts are expected to continue.

FYERS launches School of Stocks for Traders

FYERS launches School of Stocks for Traders The technology-focused stockbroking firm FYERS launches School of Stocks for Traders. The platform will help in educating readers on the Indian capital markets, trading & investments. It’s an education platform which is available…