Best Eye Makeup Trends in 2019 Celebrities Swear By

Eye makeup trends in 2019 have shifted from all black to bright, pops of eye shadow, glitter highlighters and even glow in the dark makeup!

Lion King Inspired Summer Fashion Trends

This week, it’s not only the most awaited movie but something else that’s getting people all in their nostalgic feels and fashion high- ‘The Lion King Inspired Fashion Trend.’

10 Ridiculous Fashion Looks That Are Unwearable!

Some Designer brains tend to go beyond the normal and acceptable to create something so unusual (and hideous) that they shouldn’t have even thought about. Here are the Top 10 Unwearable Looks!

Fashion Blogger’s Style Secret!

We’re all a little obsessed with fashion bloggers. ADMIT IT! Here are some tips and tricks to boost your wardrobe and dress up like one!

Twinfluencers Slaying The Fashion Game

Instagram is flooded with influencers and they’re growing day by day. Beauty, aspiration and the questionable amount of outfits isn’t enough to cut in the influencer world these days.

*Stranger Things* Inspired Wardrobe Makeover

Thanks to the STRANGER THINGS inspired merch by Nike, H&M, and Levis, we can now bring a little bit of Hawkins to our wardrobes!

Sonam Kapoor’s Secret Brands: Revealed!

Sonam Kapoor is the ultimate goddess when it comes to fashion and style. She is one lady whom even the fashion spirits would fear to take a style check on.

Masaba Gupta: Indian Pride And The Caribbean Heart

Masaba Gupta is a highly approachable fashion designer, who has also used social media smartly. she proudly wears her distinctiveness.

All you need to know about expiry of makeup products

As much as you love that one lipstick that you’ve been stingy about using all these years, we hate to break it to you that it might make you look nice and everything but that old stuff comes with an expiry date and it needs to get out of your pretty collection right now.

Nostril Hair Extensions – beauty trends rest in peace

Nostril hair extensions are the newest Instagram thing and honestly, we won’t judge you if you’d want to leave the world after this! Some trends can absolutely go down the drain but, no some of you love making us cringe!