Reigniting our roots: The need for sustainability in Fashion & Lifestyle

The future cautious generation believes sustainable development is the key to the future, and the fashion industry is no better than any other who contributes to the overall damages to the planet. The industry is responsible for 10% of the…

Leaving Behind Glamour As It Aims For Sustainability — Fashion Reinvents Itself

Considered as one of the most polluting industries, the fashion business is poised for change with COVID-19 making it more sustainable, affordable, and ethical.

All About Indian Couture Week 2019

Indian Couture Week just got over after 7 days filled with immense fashion and varied brands showcasing their collections

10 Ridiculous Fashion Looks That Are Unwearable!

Some Designer brains tend to go beyond the normal and acceptable to create something so unusual (and hideous) that they shouldn’t have even thought about. Here are the Top 10 Unwearable Looks!

Tata’s plan to dethrone world’s apparel king

Zara’s Indian partner Tata owned- Trent is planning to build its own apparel empire, replicating the Spanish brand’s successful business model.

DKODING Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s Cannes’ look 2018 vs 2019

She may be Miss World 1994. But guess what? Its 2019 and we are bored. The one-time fashion icon is disappointing us with all her wardrobe choices. Her latest letdown came up at France fashion fiesta- Cannes 2019. The once…

10 Celebrities who were a no show at the Met Gala 2019

R.S.V.P…..still loading! It is that time of the year again when you’d want to stay glued to your phones and social media accounts or television sets for a better feel, and wait all evening to catch a glimpse of your…

Campest men at MET GALA 2019

Let’s be honest Met gala 2019 was the wackiest of all fashions events, and it made sure that its no longer acceptable for men to just put on a designer white tuxedo, a shiny bow tie and call it a…

2019 Met gala looks: Campy, wacky and downright bonkers

One of the world’s biggest fashion events is back and it hands down beat the Mets that took place in the last few years. Not only was the theme a bit out of the box “Camp: Notes on Fashion,” this…

More than 300 global fashion brands to open outlets in India by 2020: McKinsey

Over 300 global fashion brands to open stores in India by 2020: McKinsey India is increasingly becoming a focal point for fashionistas with more than 300 international brands expected to open stores in the next two years, according to McKinsey…