6 Dodgy Claims About The Farmers Rally Violence On Social Media That You Should Watch Out For

More than the violence incited by anti-social elements in Farmer’s rally, rumors are creating heavy unrest and therefore, need extensive fact-checking.

JioKrishi App — Farmers Protest And The Reliance Connection, Explained

Could the Central Government’s new Farm Bills further strengthen the Reliance monopoly, finally bringing agribusiness under its umbrella?

New Indian Farm Laws Undermine Democracy And Cooperative Federalism

The central government failed to build a nationwide consensus before enacting a national law with far-reaching ramifications, and thus failed to lead, and Parliament failed to enact a law consistent with the Constitutional norms of long standing.

Farmers Protest And Air Pollution In Delhi NCR — Is There A Correlation?

One of the prominent demands of agitating farmers in India is to repeal the Commission on Air Quality Management in NCR, and The Adjoining Ordinance 2020. With a broader aim to curb pollution in the Delhi NCR region, the Union government had set up this commission in November 2020.

Why India’s New Farm Bills Reflect A Constitutional Crisis

In pushing the bills through, the Deputy Chairman Harivansh was acting not only in contravention of the settled rules of procedure, but also against the very raison d’etre of the Upper House of the Indian Parliament. And thus against the very fundamentals of constitutional democracy in India.