Instagram update: Say No to Sexual Solicitation

After facing a lot of criticism for poor content moderation, Instagram is updating its policy for removing a user’s account, along with a new way to appeal their decision. Instagram users now should keep count of their violations since the…

Watching po*n in private mode? Facebook and Google know

Facebook and Google are keeping tabs on what porn you’re watching, study says. According to a new study, conducted at Carnegie Mellon, the University of Pennsylvania and Microsoft, that Facebook, Google and Oracle are tracking what porn is being consumed by their users.

Facebook $5 billion fine for privacy breach is a shameful joke

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook has recently been very infamous for its privacy breaches. So, after much thought and consideration, FTC….

Everyone rushes to twitter to find out why WhatsApp, Instagram & Facebook are down

Facebook users are having issues while downloading images, videos and other media files, globally. And the problem is not just limited to….

Chemical scare prompts evacuation at Facebook office

A Facebook mailing facility at Menlo Park , California, reportedly received an item that initially tested positive for a fatal man-made nerve agent, Sarin.

Facebook’s game-changing cryptocurrency is called Libra

Tech giant Facebook has announced its own secured blockchain-based payment system Libra

Millions that Country Heads splurge on Birthday and Anniversary Ads

A report from Vice revealed that US President Trump has spent close to a 1 million dollars wishing himself and First Lady Melania Trump happy birthday on Facebook.

Facebook makes first startup investment in India

The social networking giant Facebook put in an undisclosed amount for a minority stake in Meesho, an online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers on social media platforms.

Stress leads to Facebook addiction: Study

While Facebook can act as a source of comfort during periods of stress, recent findings suggest that stressed users are at risk of developing a pathological dependence on such social media sites. As part of the study, the researchers evaluated…

Facebook’s master plan to dethrone Bitcoin

Social media giant Facebook has started working on its plan to launch “GlobalCoin”, its stabled cryptocurrency in the first quarter of 2020