Instagram’s Threads is a Threat: Why Facebook offers so many messaging apps?

Facebook already owns Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp; and now it has a new messaging app in the pipeline called

Facebook injected more ads on Instagram

If you have been seeing more ads on Instagram this year, you are not alone. Parent company Facebook reportedly instructed Instagram to increase the number of ads in the app towards the end of 2019.

Facebook lied! It was listening to your private conversations

Facebook admitted that it had been employing third-party contractors to transcribe the audio messages that users exchanged on its Messenger app, following an investigation by Bloomberg.

Facebook adopts the dark side

The undisputed king of social media Facebook has finally come up with a dark mode for their mobile app users.

After Facebook, Meesho looks to raise $200 million from SoftBank

Recently Bengaluru-based social commerce platform Meesho raised funds from social media giant Facebook. Now the company is in discussions to raise $150-200 million, as per Livemint reports.

Fake influencers are real loss-making machines

This year, online ad spending has caused businesses to lose $1.3 billion. This is because of fake influencers. Fraud in the cyber era emerging in the market of influencers is far higher than expected. Influencing market spends $8.5 Billion in…

Facebook to open-source algorithms to identify abusive content

Facebook has announced that it will make two algorithms open-source which it uses to identify abusive or harmful content on its platform. PDQ and TMK+PDQF are the two technologies which Facebook uses to identify child sexual exploitation, terrorist propaganda, and graphic violence.

Let’s tax foreign tech giants: Government finalizing framework

Google, Facebook, Twitter may be affected, as the government is finalizing framework to tax multinational tech companies.

Why Indian Govt is vary of Zuckerberg’s WhatsApp Pay?

Government is concerned that WhatsApp’s payment service might share user data with group companies Facebook & Instagram, compromising the security, privacy and non-commercial information of its subscribers.

Major Facebook Messenger loophole allowed children to chat with strangers

New Delhi, July 24 (ANI): Facebook could be headed into a major privacy row as a design flaw in its Messenger Kids app has been found allowing strangers to connect with children. The app mandates parents to approve whom their child interacts with.