Kardashian-Jenner Sisters: How Many Social Media Followers Do They Have?

Kardashian-Jenner sisters are everywhere on the internet. But are they powerful enough to be metamorphosing masses? Probably, yes. Love them or hate them, but you just can’t ignore them. The world might witness the Kardashian-Jenner sisters and their influence as…

Mark Zuckerberg Is Hiding The Catastrophic Dangers Of Metaverse — Beginning Of The End?

Given the deplorable track-record of Facebook, how can we trust Mark Zuckerberg again with something as sensitive as metaverse? It cannot be more fascinating. The world that we often witnessed in Hollywood sci-fi movies is gradually coming to reality. Anything…

COVID-19 Outbreak Isn’t Biden’s Biggest Challenge. Anti-Vax Theories Are

And the worst part is, Americans believe them. How harmful the unchecked misinformation on the social media platforms can be? The U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy on Thursday classified misinformation as a “public health hazard” in a historic statement. Since…

Biden And Zuckerberg Openly Squabble On Vaccination Fall Out

America’s two most powerful men blaming each other, scapegoating the unmeet targets and misinformation on COVID. The media magnet of Silicon Valley is yet again in headlines. President Biden on Friday slammed the social media behemoth Facebook and its Founder…

9 Stocks That Will Take Wall Street By Storm In ’14’ Years

Expect a double or even a triple-digit growth if you are patient enough to hold these stocks in your portfolio for a decade and a half.

Al-Qaeda Still Alive, Spotlight Back On Wuhan Lab, Biden’s Floyd Promise — The World This Week

Al-Qaeda Still Alive, Spotlight on Wuhan Lab, Biden’s Floyd Delusion — The World This Week

Israel Is Militarizing Instagram — With An Oomph Factor!

On Instagram, you’ll find several accounts of female Israeli troopers posting pictures and videos with heavy ammo in sassy clothes.

How WhatsApp’s Legal Battle Against The Indian Govt Affects Its 400 Million Users

WhatsApp says the traceability clause in India’s new IT Rules is against the right to privacy of its users. The government says the clause is essential for national security, and that the right to privacy is not absolute.

Clubhouse Spawns Several Copy Cats In The Audio Social Media Space

The social media aspect of music and video exploded in 2020, with Clubhouse attracting users worldwide. The audio chat app Clubhouse’s meteoric rise hasn’t just attracted users’ attention, which is currently some 10 million. The significant increase in members has not gone unnoticed.

M&A King Mukesh Ambani Is Rewriting The History Of Reliance Industries

The 63-year-old business tycoon seeks to widen his retail footprint in the Indian market at an uncertain time, especially when the space is hot for global players such as Amazon as well as local rivals. Several companies have already made it to the billionaire’s shopping cart.