Facebook’s New Deal: Why Mark Needs Mukesh To Mint Money In India?

For Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, chaos is a time of opportunity. In India, the Silicon Valley billionaire has 400 million strong markets that his company has sadly failed to monetize. Facebook’s investment of $5.7 billion in Reliance Jio Platforms is Zuckerberg’s biggest investment since acquiring WhatsApp.

What Facebook Stands To Gain If ByteDance Loses TikTok

As the ‘reluctant prey of geopolitics’ ByteDance loses its grip on TikTok, it is Facebook that stands to gain the most. CEO Mark Zuckerberg isn’t hiding it.

Facebook finally lets you edit navigation bar

Facebook app will now give you option called Shortcut Bar Settings to remove tabs from the navigation bar, such as Marketplace, Watch, Groups, Event, Profile, News Friend Requests and Gaming and Dating.