The Unpredictables: Key states misjudged by exit polls

Most exit polls suggest strong NDA victories against regional powers in key states – but pollsters might have misjudged the public sentiment.

Tejashwi rejects exit polls; claims opposition is winning

Exit poll results are wrong, the opposition is winning: Tejashwi Yadav Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) leader Tejashwi Yadav on Monday termed the exit polls as a trick by the RSS-backed institutions and asked all his supporters to reject it, a day after these…

Poles Apart: The (in)accuracy of Exit Polls

Exit polls are known to get crucial regional public sentiments wrong – such mistakes have embarrassed polling agencies in the past.

Are 2019 exit polls Déjà vu from 2004?

All exit polls opine that Narendra Modi will retain the top office in 2019; but with a reduced tally from 337 in 2014 to 300… but the pollsters have been wrong in the past.