The Top 5 Most Likely EV Startups To Rival Tesla

Elon Musk’s Tesla triggered the global EV revolution. These 5 green tech firms are taking the global electric vehicle innovation quotient up a notch.

Zypping — The Great Indian Electric Vehicle Race

Dreamers, Achievers, Indian Electric Vehicle Visionaries — Rashi Agarwal and Akash Gupta’s Zypp Story Entrepreneur couple Rashi Agarwal and Akash Gupta forayed into the Electric Vehicles market with Zypp in India with a dream of a cleaner, greener world! Isn’t…

Looking To Go Electric? These Are Your Best Make In India EV Bets

If you’re a millennial with a few bucks in your wallet and an urge to make the paradigm shift to a cleaner environment, here are India’s best EV bets for you.

Google maps for real time available for EV owners on charging stations

EV owners can use Google Maps for real-time info on charging stations The next time your electric vehicle (EV) runs out of charge, you needn’t wonder where in the vicinity you’ll find a charging station. Search giant Google announced an…

More than 100 e-vehicle firms take part in BV Tech Expo India 2019

Over 100 e-vehicle firms participate in BV Tech Expo India 2019 With Electric Mobility being pushed by the Centre towards realising its goal of making India a Green Mobility country, many startups are taking initiatives to educate the customer and…