Tata Motors, Motherson Sumi rally after Britain, EU agree on new Brexit deal

Shares of Tata Motors rallied by over 13 per cent and those of Motherson Sumi Systems gained by 9.3 per cent after Britain and the European Union (EU) agreed on a new Brexit deal.

Boris Johnson agrees new ‘Great’ Brexit Deal with EU

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday said that a new “great” Brexit deal has been reached with the European Union (EU).

Global Influencers: Major Powerhouses in World Politics Today

Which countries are the biggest global influencers in world politics today? And what are the factors that influence policy decisions by these nations?

Putin extends olive branch to EU; wants to restore relations

Russia is interested in restoring full-fledged relations with the European Union, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

European Election results- It’s a win for the Brexit Party

The Brexit party became the clear winner of European elections. The party topped polls in all parts of England (except London). Conservatives boar the heaviest loss and slipped to the fifth position with less than 10% votes in their favor.…

Unable to steer Brexit, UK PM Theresa May exits

May will quit as Conservative leader on June 7, after she was unable to formulate Britain’s exit from the European Union.

Ghosts of Google’s antitrust past re-emerge

Indian antitrust watchdog’s probe resurfaces persistent allegations towards the Internet giant’s perceived monopolistic business practices.

Donald Trump to make first state visit to UK

US President Donald Trump to visit UK in June United States President Donald Trump will visit the United Kingdom in June for his first state visit, confirmed Buckingham Palace. “The President of The United States of America, President Donald J.…

Theresa May calls for short extension to Brexit deal

Theresa May to seek extension to Brexit deal British Prime Minister Theresa May on Tuesday said she will ask for an extension to the long-pending process of the United Kingdom‘s withdrawal from the European Union, commonly called ‘Brexit‘. Addressing media…

India grounds Boeing 737-MAX planes after Ethiopian Airlines crash

Joining a long list of countries in suspending the Boeing 737 MAX planes, including the United Kingdom and China; Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), has taken the decision to ground the Boeing 737 MAX planes immediately. These planes will…