For Sports Fans 2020 Will Come Again

For Sports Fans 2021 Won’t Come — It’d Be Rewind 2020 With the surging number of Coronavirus cases around the world, major events are either postponed or cancelled. Now it seems like for sports fans 2021 won’t arrive, it’d be…

Premier League ⁠— Undecided 2019/20 Season Hardest On Sheffield and Wolves

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Premier League season has been indefinitely suspended. However, this season must end before a new

Hazard gets the best farewell as Chelsea win Europa League

It was a victory for the Chelsea football club and their fans. Despite a slow start and a score of 0-0 in the first half, Chelsea FC managed to take down Arsenal with ease. Chelsea beat Arsenal by 4-1 at…

The final hours before the final – Arsenal vs Chelsea

The Europa League has reached its climax and the time is near when the two goliath clubs will face each other on the football ground at Baku Olympic Stadium, Azerbaijan. It will be Arsenal FC versus Chelsea FC. The champion…

Chelsea manager: We deserve a trophy

We deserve a trophy, says Chelsea Manager Maurizio Sarri Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri expressed that he wants to reach into the finals of Europa League and win it. “I want to reach the final against any team, Arsenal or Valencia,” Sarri was…

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