TiE Presents The World’s Largest Entrepreneurship Summit — TGS 2020

TGS 2020 will attract 20,000 entrepreneurs from 25+ countries, world leaders, influencers and policy makers with potential funding for 250 start-ups by 200 global investors attending the summit. TiE, Hyderabad will be hosting TiE’s largest ever and first Virtual Global…

TiE Global Summit Deploys AI-Powered Matchmaking Technology To Fund Entrepreneurs And Help Them Find Potential Customers

250+ Investors are estimated to fund entrepreneurs to a tune of $250 million 20,000 attendees to be matched with prospective customers automatically to transact business Nurturing the power of Artificial Intelligence, the TiE Global Summit to be held on Dec…

7 Serial Entrepreneurs To Watch Out For In 2021

In relentless pursuit of excellence, these innovators have made it a habit to come up with game-changing ideas. These serial entrepreneurs touch billions of lives and have even bigger plans for 2021.

With Brokers Bazaar And Taqniq, Entrepreneur Vikesh Kumaar Kataria Is Finding Opportunities Amidst the Crisis

A seasoned entrepreneur who never backs down, he met multiple failures with grace before finally hitting all the right buttons, first with TAQNIQ, and now BrokersBazaar. In an exclusive interview with DKODING Media, Vikesh Kumar Kataria, entrepreneur and industry thought leader talks about his journey and learnings gathered on the way.

Four Classic Engineering Mistakes That Kill Startups All The Time

Engineering mistakes can kill the most promising startups. So, it is necessary to know how to prevent them before they happen. Here’s a list of 4 lousy engineering mistakes that can be fatal to your beloved company.

Kickstarting Business During The Pandemic — How To Capitalize On Uncertainty

Before launching your business, make sure to check the demand for your products will be for the long-term. Contingent demand is likely to slow your business down in the long-term. Researching extensively about the market will help. Try putting your hands on relevant public or private data on your genre of business.

The Correlation between Age and Entrepreneurial Success

There is a certain romance attached to the young successful entrepreneur, but what VCs and analysts are wrong – most founders hit peak in their 40s.

8 Strategies to Fast Forward your Business Growth

There can be various growth strategies but one may want to select that matches best with his business vision

Creating job makers, not seekers: AAP’s next big reform in education

An Entrepreneurship promoting platform which helps young citizens to become job creators rather than seekers amid the uncertain employment scenario in the country – AAP’s pioneering attempt to empower through education.

Bahrain tops list of startups with female founders

Bahrain is one of the top 10 startup ecosystems with the largest share of female founders, according to the 2019 Global Startup Ecosystem Report (GSER), launched at the recent TNW conference in Amsterdam.