Virgin River Season 2 Expected To Release This Year

Season 2 of Virgin River is right around the next curve, and its release date might be sooner than any of us expected. Find out when it might release. We know how hard it is to wait for the new…

Legacies Season 3 Release Date And All The Latest Update About Damon And Elena

The American fantasy drama series is ready to entertain its fan with a third instalment. This article contains ‘Legacies’ Season 3 release date and all the latest update about Damon and Elena that you need to know. The legacy of…

Sons Of Anarchy Sequel Around Jax’s Son Abel Coming Soon

We had no idea that the creators of Sons of Anarchy were planning a sequel for us, which will revolve around Jax’s son, Abel. Yes! We too can’t contain our excitement to post this news. It’s been over a half-decade…

The Latest Spoiler Of Vikings Season 7 Will Set Your Heart Racing

If you think Bjorn is dead, think again. The ‘Viking’ is suiting himself for a surprisingly vengeful season 7. ‘Vikings’ Season 7 will happen because there’s fodder still left to set your heart racing. ‘Vikings’ will be back with season…

The Sinner Season 4 Plot Is Set To Be The Most Mysterious Of All

‘The Sinner’ series gained such immense popularity that the first season was nominated for best series at the Golden Globes, while Jessica earned a Golden Globe nomination for best actress and bagged an Emmy

Better Call Saul To Get A Two-Part Final Season Like Its Parent Show Breaking Bad

‘Better Call Saul’ Season 6: Pandemic another reason behind the finale split. Creator Vince Gilligan confirmed that season 6 will be the….

Everything You Need To Know About Lost In Space Season 3

It’s no secret that Netflix has renewed Lost in Space for a third season. So, we have brought you all you need to know about the upcoming season. Yes, Lost in Space season 3 has been confirmed by Netflix, and…

Sheldon And Amy’s Separation To Trigger The Big Bang Theory Season 13 Pilot

The most romantic geek couple has undergone a big bang separation, and that is where begins the highly anticipated ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Season 13

After ABC Cancelled Scrubs, NBC May Bring Back The Iconic Fan-Favourite

After its successful 9-season run, is a reunion currently in discussions? NBC hit jackpot with its 2001 medical comedy-drama, Scrubs. The series, with its slapstick comedy in a hospital, introduced the audience to something fresh and unique and got rave…

Disney Plus Gives Its Green Light To Star Wars: The Bad Batch For A 2021 Release

According to the official announcement from Star Wars: The Bad Batch makers, fans are going to join the Clone Force 99 as they find their…

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