Pandemic Breaks The Back Of Bollywood’s 100 Million Club

Theatres shut. Content shootings put on hold. Release of significant movies pushed indefinitely. Industry insiders peg the Bollywood’s loss at anything between $148 million to $277 million or even more.

Its Time To Reunite Again With The Modern Family: Season 12 Confirmation

ABC’s top-rated show Modern Family might return for another season. Know its release date and more. The complex family-drama show Modern Family aired its eleventh season on September 25, 2019, and drew to an end on February 19, 2020. Now,…

The Nerdy Gang All Set To Return With Big Bang Theory Season 13

The nerdy clan from Pasadena is grooving back to their old jam with Big Bang Theory Season 13. Set of cool geeks – Sheldon Cooper, Leonard Hofstadter, Raj Koothrappali and Howard Wolowitz are shinning bright with other cast members as…

British Spy Thriller Killing Eve Season 4 Release Date Confirmation

Killing Eve Season 3 will premiere on April 26, 2020, on BBC America and AMC. Meanwhile, fans can rejoice as Season 4 of the British spy thriller has been renewed. It is true Villanelle and Eve’s cat-and-mouse chase isn’t ending…

Vikings Season 6 Part 2 Release date, Cast And More

Vikings season 6 part 2 release date confirmed and why history indicates Vikings season 7 will be the wrap of period drama but history…

Superhero Math Puts Avengers 5 Release To These Two Dates in 2022

The fifth Avengers movie is coming for sure. After all, a production house would never kill its golden goose, will it? But the big question remains – When? We have shrunk the answer to two dates. Ever since reports of…

Alison Brie’s Comment Fuels The She-Hulk Casting Fire

Alison Brie addresses the casting rumours of MCU ‘She-Hulk’. Here’s know what Alison Brie has to say about this. Earlier this week Daniel….

The Beloved Lucifer Returns: Season 5 Release Date Confirmation

Tables have turned and Lucifer now rules the hell. That’s pretty much the gist for Lucifer Season 5. But when can we expect its release date? Lucifer is set to return the final time on Netflix with Season 5. The…

Hulk Green — Mark Ruffalo Takes On ‘Real Thanos’ Donald Trump

Marvel’s Hulk Mark Ruffalo is on a green crusade against POTUS Donald Trump who he believes is public enemy no 1, as in, Thanos for real.

Iron Man’s Father Revelation Opens Route For Robert Downey Jr’s Return To MCU

A recent revelation about Tony Stark’s father was a shock to fans. Is this Marvel’s well-planned strategy to bring back Iron Man in Phase 5?