The Wait Is Over! Downton Abbey Season 7 Release Date Confirmation

Better late than never! After 5 long years, the Crawleys are returning with Downton Abbey season 7. Looks like God has finally answered all our “Google-infused” prayers. Highlights What makes Downton Abbey so delectable? Who are the Crawleys living in…

From Big Bang To Simpsons: Jim Parsons’s Nerdiness Takes An All-New High

Jim Parsons – One of the most famous people on television, kudos to twelve seasons of The Big Bang Theory, Jim Parsons recently appeared on CBS’ The Simpsons.   The latest episode of The Simpsons dipped into the complicated world…

Marvel’s Agents of Shield Season 7 Release Date Confirmation

Ever since the launch of the teaser, fans have been waiting for the release date of Agents of Shield Season 7. American action-drama television series Agents of Shield is based on the Marvel Comics. The teaser trailer of Agents of…

Brie Larson’s Classy Avatar In Ms. Marvel Costume Compels Fans To Read Between The Lines

Brie Larson who stars in MCU as Captain Marvel, recently got a new avatar as Ms Marvel… Could this be a teaser to Captain Marvel 2?

Unaired Pilot Set To Inspire A Brand New Big Bang Theory

Did you know The Big Bang Theory has an unaired pilot episode that could change the entire course of the show? American sitcom about a group of geeky scientists ran on CBS from 2007 to 2019. After having entertained the…

Captain Marvel 2: Carol Danvers To Become The Ultimate Avenger

The latest Marvel comic issue of Captain Marvel promises a mighty storyline. But what does it mean for Marvel’s Phase 5? Captain Marvel’s 150th issue is all set to go on sale on 18 March 2020 and the Marvel Studios…

This Is What Stranger Things Star Millie Bobby Brown’s Secret Hand Sign Means

With an upcoming Season 4, Millie Bobby Brown has a massive fan following whom she teases with a secret hand sign…Find out what it means

Marvel Taking Over DC Comics — Iron Man vs Batman Coming Soon

DC Comics saw the departure of Dan DiDio succeeded by rumours that are just hard to believe. Is Marvel really taking over DC Comics?

Ariel Winter Forgot To Wrap Herself At The Modern Family Wrap Party

Sarah Hyland and Ariel Winter proved they are sisters from another mother. Recently, Sarah Hyland defended her on-screen sister Ariel Winter.

Netflix’s Highest Rated Series Orange Is The New Black Season 8 Confirmation

Netflix’s disruptive original series Orange Is The New Black came to end with Season 7 but fans still hope for Season 8. Highlights — What lead to OITNB’s immense popularity Audience’s engagement to the series Netflix’s most-watched series What leads…