Station 19 Confirms Andrew DeLuca’s Delusions

Grey’s Anatomy Season 16 finale left many questions unanswered but Andrew DeLuca’s diagnosis has now been confirmed on Station 19

Learning From Previous Mistake, Arrested Development Is Back For Season 6 On Netflix

Arrested Developments reboots so far have not proved to be a success for the show at all. But turns out Netflix might be giving it a third chance as it prepares to renew Arrested Development For Season 6. Arrested Development…

Finally! Jason Statham To Star As Namor In MCU

Jason Statham as Namor in MCU. Yes! This is going to happen. Jason Statham is going to star in MCU as Namor the Sub-Mariner…

Black Widow’s White Suit Foreshadows Brewing Love With Winter Soldier

Black Widow’s White Suit Foreshadows Brewing Love Between Winter Soldier And Natasha Romanoff