Puppets, Know-it-alls And Narcissists: Why So Many Employees Are Lost To Bad Management

Ever wondered why so many people leave their jobs, despite working for a big brand, earning a handsome salary and developing their career profile? The answers may surprise you.

Myths and Realities: Why So Many Startups Fail At 50+ Employees

If you know any experienced startup executives who have worked with entrepreneurs over the years, you will likely have heard stories of startups with great potential falling apart once they cross the threshold of 50 Employees.

Common Pitfalls Of The Traditional Assessment Centre

The traditional assessment centres comprise a blend of activities that is conducted at the offsite in a couple of days under a protective environment. Normally they are put to use for your existing workforce companies go on to use a…

Automaker Nissan to lay off 1,700 employees in India

As part of a larger global right-sizing, Japanese carmaker Nissan Motor will be handing pink slips to over 1,700 workforce in India.