Fans Have Decided On The Worst Gilmore Girl: Read On To Know Who It Is

Let’s revisit the town of Stars Hollow and New Haven to learn more about Emily and Rory, and discover which one of them is the worst Gilmore!

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Rory’s shocking revelation has made way for ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’ season 2. In the final episode of the Netflix revival, Rory..

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Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’. Ever since then, fans have been yearning for a second reboot, although that seems even more unlikely now.

Faults In Gilmore Girls That Fans Didn’t Even Notice

Gilmore Girls is one of the most amazing shows in the history of Tv and the parade of fans that it brings in, is awesome. However, even this awesome show has some inconsistencies which only the most awesome fans could…

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The witty and gobsmackingly smart women of the Stars Hollow were set to return with Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life Season 2 on Netflix. But that plan has gone for a toss now. According to a report online,…

Everyone’s Favourite Gilmore Girls Coming Back With A Season 9

Warm, witty and whimsical comedy-drama has found its feet again with Gilmore Girls Season 9. A gentle comedy-drama about garrulous single mother and her bookworm daughter Rory, and their lives in sleepy Stars Hollow is set to return in Gilmore…

The Wait Is Over! Gilmore Girls Season 9 Release Date Confirmation

Nearly four years since Netflix picked on ‘Gilmore Girls’ mini-series, a foreseeable season 9 can be on the cards too. How did ‘Gilmore Girls’ Season 8 end? Who will comprise the ‘Gilmore Girls’ cast if the show returns with season…

Gilmore Girls: Are The Makers Planning For A Revival?

Gilmore Girls co-creator Amy Sherman-Palladino has accepted that she is open to the idea of Netflix’s Gilmore Girls revival. Amy was confronted about the probability of brand new episodes to Gilmore at the Writer’s Guild Awards. The event took place…

Gilmore Girls Have More On Their Plates Than You Know

The multi-generational comedy-drama Gilmore Girls aired on WB and CW for seven seasons. Let’s see