Elon Musk and Tesla on the radar as Fast and Furious 9 goes to Space

The producers of the Fast and Furious series are looking for a way to get into outer space in the next films and that’s where

Elon Musk Vs Jack Ma: Thoughts on AI, Mars and Human Extinction

People witnessed ‘Elon Musk Vs Jack Ma’ at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference in Shanghai, the rare debate between China’s richest man and one of America’s more controversial billionaires began with thoughts on AI.

What giant leaps mankind will take in the next 50 years?

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What is blocking Tesla’s entry in Indian market?

Breaking silence over his India plans, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has blamed high import duties on electric cars for blocking the entry of Tesla vehicles in the country, as per ET reports.

Falcon breaks the sound barrier TWICE to land safely

Elon Musk, the Ricky businessman is doing amazing work in the field of commercial space missions.

Tesla in disarray? Speculation rife as co-founder resigns

Tesla Inc. shares plunged after a worse-than-expected loss and another major management change cast fresh doubts on Tesla’s future. Its a bigger slippage than any analyst projected. While Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk is hoping to earn a profit in…

Drill into your brain and make it a computer: Elon Musk’s next billion dollar idea

Neuralink, Elon Musk’s startup is making a module that fits outside the head and wirelessly receives information

Elon Musk’s Neuralink plans to ‘thread’ mind and machine

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Is the ‘Musk’ effect too strong for Tesla?

Tesla is at a juncture where it faces cash flow problems as well as the need to scale up profitably. And Elon Musk’s personal idiosyncrasies are certainly not helping. HEAD SHOT EV maker Tesla launched its newest model – the Model…