Twitter lashes out at Sidhu – When are you quitting politics?

Now that Rahul Gandhi has lost in Amethi, Twitter is onto Sidhu to quit politics in sync with his words Rahul Gandhi lost the Lok Sabha Election from Amethi to BJP’s Smriti Irani. Even though it was an embarrassing loss…

Congratulations PM on being the next PM

The results of the elections are out. The people have spoken. BJP has made a historic win- again. With another historic win for the BJP, it seems that the Gandhi hierarchy is going to take a back seat for a…

World Powers relish Modi retaining power

Several world leaders have congratulated PM Modi on his reelection as they look forward to continued economic stability in India ties.

Rahul Gandhi to quit Politics?

Congress President Rahul Gandhi not only publicly conceded defeat but has reportedly turned in his resignation from the leadership position in congress.

Opposition’s Grand Alliance: Confident of BJP’s demise?

Even though exit polls have set about a trend of celebration by the BJP; opposition parties are uniting again to form a non-NDA alliance in the hope of hung verdict.

Evolution to Revolution: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi might not be the frontrunner in the race to be the PM in 2019, but he has finally emerged as a strong national leader.

Battle beyond Numbers: ‘2019 Elections’ DKODED

Reforms, issues, creative campaigns, and movies stars: 2019 is the most unpredictable General Election in India’s history. HEAD SHOT Reforms like GST, demonetization andissues like national security, Rafael and unemployment will play an important role in influencing voters’ preference. 2019…

Maharashtra: The Land of Reckoning for BJP

Winning Maharasthra with Shiv Sena will be paramount for Modi in 2019, but unemployment and agrarian crisis is what will decide BJP’s fate

India’s Moral Code of Mis-Conduct

The Election commission has seized Rs. 2,464 crores of illegal drugs, money and alcohol meant for alleged distribution among voters.

DKODING ‘Modern Chanakya’ of India’s Political Battlefield

Leader of the masses, popular youth icon and a master strategist! With political acumen matching that of a historical legend, Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma is Congress’ biggest loss and BJP’s biggest gain. What brings downfall of dynasties? Disregarding Genius. Publicly…