Is Trump Planning Another Coup To Win Back Presidency?

Former President Donald Trump might be in mid of planning another coup as his obsession with U.S. presidency again makes headlines.

Mega Upsets: Giant Killings in Lok Sabha Elections 2019

Polling saw almost a dozen ex-Chief Minister and even a former Prime Minister lose in ‘David and Goliath’ battles.

Did Modi deliver?

With exit polls for 2019 elections out, the public of democratic India is on toes. The channels are buzzing with hot headed debates and fiery discussions amongst the so-called-intellectuals.

Opposition’s Grand Alliance: Confident of BJP’s demise?

Even though exit polls have set about a trend of celebration by the BJP; opposition parties are uniting again to form a non-NDA alliance in the hope of hung verdict.

The alleged collusion between Modi’s campaign and EVM?

It can not be juts brushed under the carpet and must be treated with utmost seriousness, learning a lesson from US 2016 Presidential elections and how Russian meddling won Trump the Presidency.

DKODING the next PM: 4 Scenarios for Tomorrow

Most exit polls claim NDA majority with 300+ seats, but a handful samples can’t gauge the pulse of India – Here are the possibilities. The suspense is going to end tomorrow. Exit polls say NDA will have an easy win…

The Unpredictables: Key states misjudged by exit polls

Most exit polls suggest strong NDA victories against regional powers in key states – but pollsters might have misjudged the public sentiment.

Poles Apart: The (in)accuracy of Exit Polls

Exit polls are known to get crucial regional public sentiments wrong – such mistakes have embarrassed polling agencies in the past.

Time to find Friends in Foes?

With exit polls out, it is clear that the Modi wave is no more entrancing India in 2019 – factors that rule the incumbent government’s bid to retain power.

EC calls on Congress’ Sanjay Nirupam for MCC violation

EC issues notice to Congress’ Sanjay Nirupam for MCC violation The Election Commission of India (ECI) on Tuesday issued a notice to Congress leader Sanjay Nirupam for prima facie violation of Model Code of Conduct (MCC) in a speech he…