Examination vs Self-Realization: What’s Matters More For A Child’s Growth?

Does success in examinations with high marks guarantee an equally active role in the society?

Don’t Educate For Good Grades. Nurture Global Citizens For Universal Order. — Ashok Thakur, Muni International School

The motive of education is not to feed children the prescribed knowledge in textbooks. Schooling is the grooming of an individual for the real world.

Ashok Thakur — An Educator Creating Global Citizens With Universal Human Values

A prominent educator who refused to stand and accept doctrines, Mr Thakur views the whole world as a village when envisioning his idea of society. He points out that universalism is only possible when everyone is living relative to each other.

Startup Case Study – Cost Of Byju’s Disrupting India’s Education Sector

Byju’s app and how it disrupted India’s education sector is a case study at Harvard Business School but it is not all positive for its users.

BJP Commits Hara-Kiri Flirting With Education Budgets? Dynamic AAP Vs The Traditional #Delhi2020

While AAP has reformed public education to a never-before level in Delhi, BJP is slicing funds in the domain, setting a dangerous precedent for a nation where education has to be the first and foremost priority.

AAP’s Top 10 Education Reforms That ‘India Needs’

For years there’s been a debate about the state of India’s education system…Now… On National Education Day let’s throw light onto India’s best education reforms implemented by AAP that can potentially change the education syatem of India forever. With nearly…

Why Delhi will vote for AAP once again

Public opinion online and numbers from early polls suggest that AAP Government’s efforts and effective policies are supported by the majority of Delhi’s population before 2020 state elections.

Creating job makers, not seekers: AAP’s next big reform in education

An Entrepreneurship promoting platform which helps young citizens to become job creators rather than seekers amid the uncertain employment scenario in the country – AAP’s pioneering attempt to empower through education.

AAP’s reforms in education make Delhi a model for the change India needs

Series of reforms and development by AAP in its three years in power have given outstanding results already. The model needs replication on a national level – Quality education is a weapon in India’s bid to alleviate poverty.

‘FitRec’ creates personalized workout recommendations from fitness tracking data

This tool creates personalized workout recommendations from fitness tracking data A tool called FitRec might estimate heart rates during a workout and recommend routes, researchers have claimed. FitRec is a fitness tracking tool powered by deep learning technology. The details…