5 Reasons Why Courteney Cox and Ed Sheeran’s Friendship Is The Cutest

Ed Sheeran, 30, and Friends icon Courteney Cox, 56, are often popping up on each other’s social media feeds, making music, recreating dances, singing ‘Tiny Dancer’, and being generally hilarious. There’s no doubt Ed is one of the most talented…

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People tend to be annoying as heck, especially neighbours. You can’t live with them… but you can live without ’em, proves Ed Sheeran.

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Ed Sheeran finally released the highly-anticipated album ‘No. 6 Collaborations Project,’ and this album is exclusively

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Justin Bieber shares another splashy clip from ‘I Don’t Care’

Justin Bieber has shared a peppy clip of his upcoming music video ‘I Don’t Care.’ Bieber took to his Twitter handle to share the short clip and tweeted, “New video is happening. I don’t care.” The video features the ‘Baby’…