India Looks For Recovery Roadmap After Worst GDP Fall Since Independence

The country’s GDP had dwindled by 24.38 percent in the first quarter of 2020-21. It had bet on a household-consumption economic revival that may now take much longer to show results.

India’s Deadly Second Covid Wave Is Wreaking Economic Havoc Worth Billions Every Week

The India’s record-breaking second Covid-19 wave, which threatens to derail the global economic recovery, has now put the international community on Red Alert.

Modi Govt’s Stimulus 3.0 For The Ailing Indian Economy: What’s In It For You?

Third time is the charm. But in economics, it also suggests dismal failure of the first two attempts. Can the finance minister pull the country out of the crisis?

Need a Well-Conceived Strategy to make India $5 trillion economy: Manmohan Singh

Acknowledging economic slowdown, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Saturday stressed the need for adopting “a well-conceived

Cashless Prosperity: Will 2019 be India’s Worst Diwali?

Demand is dead; rich or poor, no one has liquidity. Lakhs have lost their jobs and buying has come to a standstill right before the festive season. Is this India’s worst Diwali?

Enemy at the Gates: Signs that prove Recession is Real

Financial institutions are careful in uttering the word, but the dire state of things in India is becoming clearer with each day – sectors losing money, defaulting corporations, struggling RBI and drowning markets – Recession isn’t coming, its already here.

India’s Business Sentiment at its lowest since 2016

In a recent survey from HIS Markit, it has been revealed that business sentiment in India is lowest in the past 3 years.

World’s fastest growing economy? Not anymore.

India’s economic growth drops to just 5.8% in Jan-March quarter | Falls behind China for the first time in two years.

Balancing foreign policy: First big challenge for new govt. post-elections

As per US experts, the new government that will come to power in 2019 will have an instant challenge of structuring crucial economic foreign policies.

Gross Deceptive Product: India’s misleading growth

Is India’s economic growth based on ghost firms and overestimation?