Dukaan partners with Dunzo and Shiprocket – Integrates Delivery into the Platform

Highlight Over 3.5 million SMEs across 3,500+ cities and towns will benefit from this integration With this partnership, Dukaan now offers merchants an end-to-end solution from inventory, promotion, sales, payment to delivery The integration will help prepare retailers for the…

Should The World Thank China?

Contaminated drug shipments from China have forced lawmakers worldwide to give serious thought to the threat of weaponized medicine.

Trump Reopening America Too Soon Is Akin To Digging Mass Graves

There might be a few careless covidiots on the street but neither is the general public ready nor is America prepared for the potential quadrupling of cases.

What The World’s Deepest Recession Means For The Rich And The Poor?

The deepest recession that IMF predicts will continue in 2021, pushes every nation’s finances to the limit – big or small, rich or poor.

Coronavirus Lockdown: 700000+ New Jobs Emerged In Mr. Trump’s America

Experts have suggested that the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic will result in millions of jobs vanishing into thin air. But right now, it seems to be creating new opportunities too. Highlights! 700,000 plus new jobs in the times of the coronavirus-forced…

PSU Bank Mergers to blame: Deep Recession hits India in 2020

Economic slowdown has worsened in August despite active push by government with boosters to rejuvenate the economy. Furthermore, merger of PSU banks might increase the chances of Recession-hit India in 2020.

One-fourth of world’s poor live in India

And half of the world’s poor live in just 5 countries – World Bank Blogs. The world experienced the lowest extreme poverty rates in 2015. India among the top 5 countries accounting for world poverty. In year 2014, the World…

World’s fastest growing economy? Not anymore.

India’s economic growth drops to just 5.8% in Jan-March quarter | Falls behind China for the first time in two years.

Gross Deceptive Product: India’s misleading growth

Is India’s economic growth based on ghost firms and overestimation?

₹ 700 billion and counting: RBI struggles to revive sluggish economy

RBI’s ₹ 700 bn cash infusion in April was unable to revive the economy, further efforts are expected to continue.