Desertification: Are We Ignoring The Greatest Environmental Challenge Of Our Time?

Land Degradation and Desertification has been dubbed as “the greatest environmental challenge of our time”, turning vast stretches of land into arid deserts impacting wildlife, vegetation and leading to water crisis much so as shown in Nolan’s Interstellar.

The Expanse Expands And Goes Into Season 5: Release Date, Plot And Cast

The sci-fi web series ‘The Expanse’ is all set for Season 5. Here’s everything you need to know about the return of the show. Scroll down! Over the last four years, ‘The Expanse‘ has proved its mettle as true blue…

Scientists raise chances of Earth-like planets in the Universe

There’s no denying the fact that Earth is the only habitable planet and one of its kind, but according to new evidence there may be numerous Earth-like planets in the universe!

A coin-sized black hole can be the end of us all

At the beginning of the universe, there was nothing but a singularity – black holes are the same despite being what remains after the death of a star. What remains after star death is immensely and unimaginably dense in mass…

Earth and Mars come face-to-face in an epic battle with Sun

28 August- Mars’ Solar conjunction with Earth begins. In essence, Earth and Mars will be on the opposite side of the sun. That means Mars won’t be visible from the Earth for some time. “We won’t be commanding the spacecraft…

Earth is valued at a Colossal $6,873,951,620,979,800

The weather and the roads are not always agreeable but our planet is the best in the Milky Way Galaxy street. The earth has a colossal price tag on it with all its resources. One astrophysicist has come up with a…

Moon is slowing Earth’s rotation: Armageddon is coming

NASA scientists have dropped bombshell news of impending calamity that has left the world sweating with fear

Lunatism: Stupid Man-made Myths about the Moon

Our Earth’s only satellite Moon has been a subject of curiosity and beliefs from ancient times. Here are 5 myths

Today is shorter than 24 hours and here’s why

Human beings account each passing day with an equal number- 24 hours. This is not completely correct as 24 hours is only the average time our planet takes in completing one rotation. In reality, many days are either longer or…

Imaging the Invisible

In a galaxy far far away, astronomers finally imaged the picture of an all-consuming elusive cosmic phenomenon – Black Holes! HEAD SHOT After thirteen years of studies and observations, the Event Horizon Telescope (ETM) project released the first true image…