We Can’t Stay Calm: Season 5 Of Stranger Things Coming Soon

Mysteries unfold and intentions are revealed. Will Stranger things 5 take us on a mind-bending journey? Set in the 80s, the critically acclaimed Netflix series Stranger Things has announced that it would be launching its fourth season soon. With speculations…

Plot Leaked! Stranger Things Season 4 Will Turn Your World Upside Down And Solve Hopper’s Mystery

We had earlier announced that Stranger Things season 4 will be releasing on April 3, 2020. Today, we will spill out the concealed plot for Stranger Things Season 4. But before we move on, let’s discuss what happened in Stranger…

Stranger Things — Too Much Of Anything Is Bad… Even Hopper

Had the Duffers Brothers, the writers, directors, and producers of the fictional horror series, not found Stranger Things

Confirmed! Hopper Is NOT Alive, The Duffer Brothers Are Just Messing Around

Stranger Things Season 3 left fans with sleepless nights and 99 questions. Additionally, the post-credits scene that talks about ‘The American’ gave fans hope that fan-favourite Hopper is still alive. But when we went through all the available facts, we…

Eleven and Eight are not the only Test Subjects at Hawkins Lab; meet the others

With the bread crumbs that the Duffer Brothers have left, we have found Stranger Things test subjects that might also be coming to season 4..